Charting the Students’ Course

Students were asked to complete three surveys during their journey. The surveys were adapted from the School Library Impact Measure (Todd, Kuhlthau & Heinstrom, 2005), also known as the SLIM Toolkit. The surveys were handed to the students in class time and they were asked to write down their answers individually. Data was collected in order to keep track of how students were coping as they engaged in their own learning adventure.

Survey One

As the opening activity on the governments unit, the whole class participated in a brainstorming activity to find out what they already knew. Survey one was completed individually, immediately following the brainstorming activity. I chose to do this as I wanted students thinking through ideas as a group before they came to write answers down for themselves.

Survey Two

Survey two was completed mid-way through the term.

Survey Three

Survey three was completed in the last week of term, just as students were nearing the completion of their tasks.

As I was able to participate in the journey once a week, anecdotal evidence was collected through observation and conversations with individuals and small groups. Discussions were recorded in my notes at the completion of the lesson.


Todd, R., Kuhlthau, C. & Heinstrom, J. (2005). School Library Impact Measure. Rutgers University: Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries. Retrieved from

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